Membership List

Members as of 19/1/12

University of Nottingham (School of Biosciences)

  • Dr Tim Robbins
  • Prof. Graham Seymour

East Malling Research (Kent)

  • Laima Antanaviciute
  • Feli Fernandez
  • Dr Jean Fitzgerald
  • Dr Michelle Fountain
  • Dr Richard Harrison
  • Dr Nicola Harrison
  • Prof. Peter Gregory
  • Abi Johnson
  • Dr Laura Lewis
  • Louisa Robinson Boyer
  • Tom Passey
  • Dr Robert Saville
  • Dr Emma Skipper
  • Dr Dan Sargent (now at IASMA)
  • Dr David Simpson
  • Dr Eleftheria Stavridou
  • Fiona Wilson

University of Reading (School of Biological Sciences) Brogdale National Fruit Collection

  • Prof.Nicholas Battey
  • Prof. Jim Dunwell
  • Prof. Paul Hadley
  • Dr Matt Ordidge

James Hutton Institute

  • Dr Julie Graham
  • Dr Rex Brennan

University of Edinburgh (Institute of Evolutionary Biology)

  • Prof Richard Ennos
  • Dr Crispin Jordan

Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh

  • Richard Pankhurst

University of Bristol (Biology)

  • Prof. Simon Hiscock
  • Tim Rich
  • Shanna Ludwig  

University of Greenwich- NRI

  • Prof Chris Atkinson

University of Worcester

  • Dr Mahmut Tor

Cranfield University

  • Dr Andrew Thompson

Core members in bold

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