The Sixth Mathematics in the Plant Sciences Study Group

The Sixth Mathematics in the Plant Sciences Study Group

25-28 March 2013

University of Nottingham


This annual four-day workshop gives a handful of plant and crop scientists the opportunity to present a research question to around forty mathematicians and computer scientists. The modellers spend the rest of the meeting tackling the problems in teams, resulting in a great deal of progress made in a very short time.


Problems presented at the previous five study groups have led to successful grant proposals, studentships and publications. We welcome problems from any area of plant and crop science, and no prior experience of mathematical modelling is required.


To find out more please visit


If you are interested in presenting a problem at the 2013 meeting, please contact Susie Lydon (<>). The sooner discussions start with the organising committee, the more likely your problem will be in good shape for tackling at the meeting itself!


Mathematicians and computer scientists who are keen to apply their expertise to plant problems are warmly encouraged to register now:


Kind regards

Susie Lydon


On behalf of the MPSSG Committee:

Leah Band (CPIB, University of Nottingham), Ruth Bastow (GARNet), Rosemary Dyson (University of Birmingham) and Susie Lydon (CPIB, University of Nottingham)


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