Welcome to RosNet

Welcome to RosNet, a forum for UK researchers working on Rosaceous species. RosNet is a new initiative which sits under the UK Plant Sciences Federation which is an umbrella organisation for various diverse plant science groups in the UK.

The key aim of RosNet is to unite researchers working on non-model systems in the Rosaceae species group, be it crop plants or other perennial species.

RosNet was dreamt up by Tim Robbins from Nottingham University, and is now run as a team by a committee with members from East Malling Research (EMR), Reading University (UoR) and the James Hutton Institute (JHI).

This is a temporary website, while we try to set up a more comprehensive site, hosted at East Malling. A full list of members is available on this website and in due course updates will be published.

We would like to capture information about:

Rosaceous resources (genomes, datasets etc)

Who is working on Rosaceous species in the UK, or related areas (such as pests and pathogens).

We would also like this to be a forum for discussion and in time a resource that people can use to help them disseminate information and even to help them generate collaborative research ideas.

If you would like adding to the mailing list that we run, please use the contact form on the site. We would love to hear from you.

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